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Practical Information for Today's CMIO

Making healthcare better isn't easy, but there are devoted clinicians working in informatics and analytics trying to have an impact at the care delivered in the exam room or at the bedside.  I'm your host, Dr. Mark Weisman, a practicing physician and Chief Medical Information Officer.  On this site you will find podcasts and blog posts to educate and inform about Health IT topics pertinent to clinicians improving healthcare.   If you have a passion to make the lives of our clinicians better through the use of technology, this show is for you.

Latest Podcasts

Patient Experience and the Impact of a CMIO

Today on CMIO Podcast, I interview Dr. Stephen Beeson from Practicing Excellence. Stephen is a practicing physician at Sharp Healthcare and a national leader in patient and provider experience. There is a natural overlap between optimizing a provider and improving patient experience. We cover the role of the CMIO in patient experience, key factors to improving provider engagement, and the benefits of investing in clinicians. You can find more info about Dr. Beeson and t

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