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CMIO News to Know for the Week of June 30th

I am back after a 1 week break, although I did record a show with Bill Russell from This Week in Health IT that will air on June 30th. I will send out a post on LinkedIn once it airs. This week I cover burnout that is NOT EHR related. Imagine that?!? Financial stress is hitting the primary care offices hard. Good news from AAFP as they enter phase 2 of the AI assistant and are looking for physician volunteers. I also cover the FDA approval of a new tool that captures respiratory rate without touching the patient (perhaps we will see a number other than 16 in the EHR). Also discuss the integration of a CRM with EHR and ADT data; essential combo for pop health.

Finally, I cover a great article in HealthTech Magizine by Michael Hasselberg: Another one of those Univ of Rochester crew doing some amazing things.


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