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CMIO News to Know for the Week of March 30th

Of course I cover Coronavirus, but it's from a CMIOs point of view. Telehealth is the big thing this week as systems try to stand up programs. I wrote an article in HealthTech Magazine ( about getting up and running in under a week; not without speed-bumps, but we are conducting visits. I cover some of the hot topics being discussed in the listserv, the stimulus bill from the government and how small independent practices are going to be seriously hurt financially, and I discuss two non-COVID articles as well just to give you a break. These two articles come from JAMIA. The first is about the EHR contributing to burnout and has some great metrics in there to consider for your own practices. The second is about the impact of moving external records into an integrated view has a huge impact on utilization of that data. Stay safe.


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