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Interview with Dr. Craig Joseph

Craig Joseph, MD is now a CMO at Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. and has significant experience as a CMIO and with informatics. He blogs frequently and I picked a few posts to dive in a little deeper with him on those topics. We cover "Leading the Curated Life", a post about delivering what we know is right and NOT always exactly what the doc asked for. Then we discussed "Healthcare IT Guiding Principles". As CMIOs we can have a significant impact on the workflows so a provider is doing the work that only they can do. The final blog post we hit was "Are Quality Metrics Becoming McGuffins of Healthcare". I love Craig's philosophy that the EMR is a tool for taking care of your patient and not a place to go to enter quality data.

Finally, we discuss if he is funnier or better looking than Dr. David Butler. Evidently, they have a competition going on; David may not be aware of it.


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