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CMIO News to Know for the Week of August 24th

This week I cover the letter from AHA to the HHS about keeping telehealth going. We seem to be losing momentum, but we are not out of this pandemic yet and there are certainly benefits beyond COVID-19. I also cover a new tool that normalizes the local COVID-19 lab test names we all use to standard LOINC codes. A friend and fellow CMIO Dr. Dirk Stanley covered the challenges we all face (and created) with finding if the patient has COVID-19 when looking in the EHR in his June 2020 blog post which you can find here. This new tool proposes to help fix this for research use.

I also cover a great article by Bill Krause at Change Healthcare that really articulates why the EHR portal is not enough for your digital strategy. I believe the portal is your first step but it definitely has limitations which Bill covers very well in his article here. Those stories and more on this week's CMIO News to Know.


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