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CMIO News to Know for the Week of Sept 14th

This week I cover 2 stories about health insurers pushing us more towards value than volume. Humana launched 2 new bundled payments; one for CABG and another for shoulder replacement. United Health Group CEO discusses how the COVID pandemic is putting more pressure on primary care to switch to at risk contracts rather than fee for service, but also highlights the difficulties. CMIOs should be aware of the technology challenges these models bring to their clinicians. I also cover the INOVA breach of more than 1 million patients related to an attack that occurred to a 3rd party vendor that sells donor engagement software to non-profits. The most interesting article of the week comes out of the latest issue of JAMIA where a team developed an app that lays on top of Epic to provide the user a disease specific view with a very clean interface. This is the future. Watch for more of these SMART of FHIR apps coming out as the APIs open up. Those stories and more on this weeks CMIO News to Know.


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