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CMIO News to Know for the Week of June 8th

This week I cover an article about inequities in digital healthcare, either due to lack of internet access or lack of devices. I also review what the state of Colorado is doing to make sure that telehealth is here to stay; we should all push for such legislation. There is an article about pay cuts to providers at Providence that is a bit scary. And I went on a bit of a rant this episode because there is an insurer in my area that is denying audio only visits for specialists, but they do cover it for primary care. So our sicker patients that need specialty care can't connect to their specialists and we have to make them come into the clinic. Doesn't make medical sense to me, so I suspect the rationale is financial. I'll keep you posted as I advocate for those patients that are either unable to get access in our rural community or who do not have the device to make the connection. Probably futile, but my heart is in the right place.


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